Are Thank You Cards a Thing of the Past?

Are Thank You Cards a Thing of the Past?

Whatever happened to sending out thank you cards after a bridal or baby shower, graduation, wedding, or just a special gift from someone?  Is this to old fashion for the younger generation? In the past few years, I’ve sent out cards with a check in it or a gift for these events and never received a thank you by the way of a thank you card, e-mail, phone call or text just to let me know that the card or gift was received. But man, oh man they cashed that check in no time flat, and that’s how I knew they did receive my card in the mail. The gifts I’ve sent I have no way of knowing it they every received them or not. Maybe the parents didn’t know their child received a card from someone for their graduation, I get that one, that’s on the child, but for all other events people who receive gifts from a bridal or baby shower or a wedding should know that they need to send out a thank you card.

I’m just surprised by how many people these days don’t do this. 

Growing up my Mum taught all her children that sending a thank you card was the proper thing to do and if you didn’t do it in a timely manner, boy was there heck to pay from Mum. God help you if your dad became involved. I’m not perfect and I’m sure I’ve missed a person or two over my life time with a thank you card, but I’ve always tried to remember to say thank you.  

Maybe sending a thank you card is out dated, just saying thank you to a person lets them know you received their gift  and you appreciated it and that can make all the difference in the world. 

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