2019 Planners – What’s Your Style?

2019 Planners – What’s Your Style?

One of my favorite parts of a new year is opening a fresh, empty new planner. Even though I use digital calendars both for work and home appointments, I still maintain a physical planner – as do most of the attorneys and staff in our offices. I’ve found that the act of writing down appointments and to-dos helps to remember them better, which is one of many reasons why I prefer to track my days this way.

There are lots of options for planner enthusiasts out there. A traditional datebook is always good, but if you want something a little more tailored to your interests or specific goals, there are lots of planners that can work for you:

  • The “bullet journal” system is a fun and flexible way to turn any notebook into a planner that is custom-tailored to your needs. 
  • The Passion Planner is a leather-bound journal and datebook that focuses on helping you achieve your goals throughout the year, and includes pages for monthly reflections. 
  • The Commit30 Planner comes in both a standard and a fitness variety, and also features extremely targeted goal setting pages to help 
  • The Day Designer looks more like a standard weekly planner, but has helpful pages at the start for goal setting and a to-do list on every day.

Of these, I am a big fan of the Day Designer and the Passion Planner. Both have lots of space for me to plan out my months/weeks/days and also space for written to-do lists, which I need. Do you prefer to use a physical calendar and planner? What systems have you tried?

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Today's blog: Today we're talking 2019 planners...Do you prefer to use a physical calendar and planner? What systems have you tried? We have a few of our favorites on the blog, check it out and let us know what you think!