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Wellspring Center

This month, I was invited to an open house at the newly opened Wellspring Zak Zatezalo small portrait headshot.jpgPregnancy Center on Center Avenue in Moundsville, where my mother-in-law, Teresa Devlin, along with Tammy Hosenfeld, Chris Jacobs and other local volunteers have been extremely hard at work converting an aging duplex into a support center to assist those in need in virtually all aspects of child care. As I toured the Center, I found myself feeling very proud of my mother-in-law and the other volunteers, for not only recognizing such an important community need, but also for having the vision and determination to bring it to life.

The mission statement of the Wellspring Center, according to Tammy Hosenfeld, is "to restore purpose to women's lives and their children and family by helping to meet their physical, emotional and spiritual needs through the services of material assistance, educational resources, referrals and emotional support." From free pregnancy tests, to diapers, food, clothing, strollers, books, toys, car seats and practically everything else, the Clinic offers an incredible array of products and services for parents in need at practically every stage of raising a newborn or toddler. The Clinic also boasts a wealth of critical, educational materials to help parents keep their children safe and give them the best possible start. Open from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, the Wellspring Center offers products and services to all members of our local community.

Every Tuesday Evening at 7:00PM

On November 17, 1998, a group of girls (young working women and mothers) Marilyn.jpgfrom a variety of Christian denominations, gathered for the first time at the home of Anne Robinson. Included were her daughter, daughter-in-law, and Kathy Blass, wife of partner, Scott Blass. Because they met after dinnertime, to accommodate everyone's schedules, the girls named themselves God's Girls of the Evening--later shortened to God's Girls.

God's Girls began meeting at Vance Church about ten years ago. When I came to work at Bordas & Bordas in 2002, Kathy Blass invited me to the bible study. I was so excited, especially when I learned that Anne was leading. She and I had been acquainted years before by way of Chevrolet! Our husbands were both car dealers and we had many opportunities to travel together. None of us will forget swimming in the rough waters on Diamond Head, Hawaii; No more two piece bathing suits for me! Getting reacquainted with Anne after my divorce from the car business was such a joy. Another member of the group is Leisa Forbes (a special Bordas employee who recently moved to Washington DC). Leisa now attends via teleconference! Becky Murphy was with us for a time too. Then, in June of 2004, the group expanded to include men, so Bible study is now called God's Girls and Guys (GGG). After that, Jim Bordas became an active member of our group.


At the end of July, I sat for the Ohio bar exam. This was my second bar exam, lpp.jpg having taken West Virginia the summer before, so I had some idea of what to expect, but was still nervous. I experienced the same worries I had the previous summer. What if I didn't study enough? What if I didn't study this particular subject enough? What if I forget my photo identification? What if my alarm doesn't go off in the morning? What if I get sick during the test? What IS a commercial transaction? Will I ever know?? One thing I did not think to worry about, however, was what if the testing software fails to work?

There are two options for taking the bar exam. One is to write your essay answers longhand, in a lined-paper booklet provided to you by the proctors. With this option, you are limited by a number of pages for your responses. Most essays questions do not permit the examinee to use more than two handwritten pages. Additionally, the examinee is required to use pen. This makes it difficult to edit the response, particularly considering the strict time constraints for each question. As a result of these added difficulties, and considering that most law students today have been educated largely through typing and computers, handwriting is the less favored method for bar examinees. The other option, and the one utilized by the vast majority of bar exam takers, is to download computer software and type written responses into the program. The program is specially designed for exams such as the bar. Once opened on the examinee's computer, the software will shut off access to all other programs, to prevent applicants from cheating by using the Internet or their electronic notes and outlines while answering the exam questions. The software also keeps time on the question, preventing applicants from using extra minutes, or even seconds, to get one last word into their responses. Most importantly, the software saves what is being typed once every minute, automatically, so the examinee can use full focus on their responses. At the end of the day, the software will automatically upload the responses to a server once the computer is connected to wireless Internet, and the server will submit the responses directly to those responsible for grading the exams. Examinees cannot review or access their responses again, so there is no risk of cheating through hindsight editing. All in all, it is a pretty easy and convenient system. It is so easy and convenient, in fact, that most examinees don't give a second thought to it. After all, there is enough to worry about with remembering the elements of negligence or determining who is the rightful owner of a piece of property.

The Wheeling Symphony Youth Orchestra

The Wheeling Symphony Youth Orchestra (WSYO) is an outstanding program that violin.jpgoffers talented, aspiring young musicians from the tri-state area a formal venue in which to train and perform together. The group is only open by audition and I am so proud to be able to say my son, Nick Sharpsky, has been offered a position in the First Violin Section this season. Nick is a sophomore at Wheeling Park High School, and this is his second year with the WYSO. It is an honor and a privilege that Nick has been given the opportunity to learn within such a professional musical environment amid other gifted young musicians, all under the instruction of music director, Dr. Matthew Inkster.

What a Blessing: Healthy Twin Girls!

A wonderful and joyous occasion has happened in my family. My nephew, CoreyLeah & Lily.jpg Murphy and his wife, Lauren are now the PROUD parents of twin girls. They named them Leah Lucinda Murphy, middle name after Corey's Mom Lucinda (Cindy) Murphy, and Lily Grace Murphy. They entered into this world in the early morning hours of Tuesday, August 19, 2014. My mother's side of the family was blessed with twin girls approximately twenty-nine years ago named Lydia Eddy & Andrea Eddy. Lydia and Andrea did not live close, so I did not get to see them very often. Oh, if Facebook would have been around then, I could have watched them grow into the beautiful ladies they are now.

Corey's side of the Murphy family had not been blessed with twins, as far as I know. What a blessing these two girls are, too. Every child born on this earth is truly a blessing, but wow, twins are double the blessing. For anyone who has been blessed with even more than twin like triplets, quadruplets, etc., I could not even imagine their excitement. Don't get me wrong, when there is just one healthy child, it is very exciting as well.

Ray Rice, Ferguson, and ISIS: The Power of Video

The last few days have been dominated by discussion of the NFL and former Baltimore Raven Ray Rice's domestic assault on his fiancée in an Atlantic City CHRIS_REGAN.jpgelevator. A month ago, when Rice received a two-game suspension for his actions, Geoff Brown thought the NFL could do better. A few others also felt the suspension was too trivial for a world-class athlete who had apparently knocked a woman out cold. But the NFL and its "Commissioner" Roger Goodell defendedthe suspension at the time, while some tried to shift blame to the victim. After a short burst of coverage in early August, the story blew over, the NFL instituted a new policy, and fans expected Rice back on the field for week three.

Then the video from inside the elevator surfaced and all hell breaks loose. The Ravens cut Rice outright, the NFL suspended him indefinitely and NFL owners pop up on ESPN to predict that Rice will never play in the NFL again. Many TV commentators took the NFL to task for waiting for the video to emerge, frequently asking the rhetorical question: "What did you think happened in that elevator Janay Palmer was dragged out of?" Suddenly neither the suspension, nor the new policy came close to what people wanted, which was for Rice to be jailed immediately. But the people calling for him to be jailed now (not back before the video came out) were the same people asking the NFL "What did you think happened in that elevator?"

September 11, 2001: We Remember

September 11, 2001 is a day that changed the world forever. More than 3,000 people died that day in the greatest terror attack in our nation's history. If you were old enough to remember when you learned the news, it would forever be etched into your soul. Today, members of the Bordas Law family reflect on where they were when they learned of the 9/11 attacks.

Ground zero.jpg Jim Bordas: I was about to leave for work; I recall staying home just a bit later than normal because I had just settled a major case for a client the night before. I had the television on in the upstairs den watching the news when I saw the first plane hit the north tower. I watched in disbelief as the second plane hit the other tower. Stunned, I left for work, and we had a prayer service at the firm for the victims of this horrible terrorist attack.

Halfway There!

This week marks the halfway point in my training for the Columbus half marathon. Shay Stein0003.jpgWhile I still have a long way to go, I've been lucky enough to find support and motivation in my cousin/running partner.

Just a few short weeks ago, I shared the marathon's Facebook photo saying that it was the last chance to save on signing up for the marathon/half marathon and asked my Facebook friends, "Who's running the half with me?" The only one up for the challenge was my younger cousin who had been weighing the idea of trying to run her first half marathon. It took a few days of convincing, but she decided to sign up and that following week we started our 12-week training program. Now we are nearly 6 weeks in and are up to six miles, averaging under a 10 minute-per-mile pace.

The Fourth House on the Left

2014 started off with a bang and brought about many new and exciting changes brandi2.jpgfor me. While I not only seamlessly transitioned from intern to full-time employee at Bordas & Bordas, my fiancé, Jade, and I were fortunate enough to find and purchase the home of our dreams when we weren't even looking for it.

It was a cold night in early January on the way to dinner at Red Lobster when we noticed a "For Sale" sign at the end of a lane not far from either of our homes. We'd visited Bonnie Lane many times because all of the houses there are always beautifully decorated for the holidays and we enjoy driving past them. Not anticipating anything more than a casual drive-by, we headed down the lane and were totally captivated by the up-for-sale fourth house on the left. After scouring the selling agency's website via iPhone and making a late-night phone call to the realtor, we were scheduled for a tour the next morning.

New Changes to the Rules of Basketball - An Official's Perspective

Anyone who follows our firm's blogs on a fairly regular basis will probably recall that in my "free time" I have worked as a college and high-school basketballBordas_0051john.jpg official. Toward the end of the 2013-14 basketball season, I wrote an article talking about some of the most misunderstood rules in the game. As it turns out, the article was pretty popular among our readers, so you can look for something similar in the coming months. Until then, I thought it might be interesting to provide you with some information about rule changes that you will see at the high school level in the upcoming season.

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