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A New Zodiac Sign

What's your zodiac sign? Are you a Libra? Virgo? Aries? After yesterday's announcement of the newest and 13th zodiac sign, Ophiuchus, you may want to double check to see if your sign has changed.

It's Fall Y'all

It's Fall Y'all

With fall here and the cooler weather coming with it, I can always bet that Barley and Guinness will want to be outside more than they will want to be inside. The boys love the cooler weather. They run, jump and play more outside in the fall and winter months. Sometimes I have a hard time getting them to come inside for the night. I have to go out with my flashlight and hunt them down to get them to go to bed. I sometimes feel like I’m out snipe hunting, but eventually they do come in. I think that the boys think it’s a game they get to play with me where I go one way and they take off the other. I know they have their own way of communicating with one another. They seem to laugh a lot at me when I’m out hunting for them (it must be dog humor).

Mickey Goldmill Meets Trump and Clinton

Before he fought Apollo Creed, Rocky Balboa’s immortal trainer. Mickey Goldmill, knew what to tell him. Mickey told Rocky that he would “eat lightning, and crap thunder.” He told a young, unknown boxer that with the right preparation, he would become “a very dangerous person.”

Public Fascination with the Art of Caricature

Public Fascination with the Art of Caricature

It’s been the basis of many laughs over the years and people are fascinated with the creation of caricatures. We’ve all been somewhere and stopped to observe the artist creating a masterpiece in the form of caricature. Perhaps, you too, have had the opportunity to have this done over the years.

High School Basketball Officials in Short Supply

Few among us would argue the fact that in the past 20 years or so, youth sports has seemingly exploded in popularity. Many of us grew up with Little League Baseball being pretty much the only organized sport available in our home towns. By contrast, the youngsters of today have more sports and teams to pick from than I could ever have imagined 40 years ago. Baseball has been joined by football, hockey, soccer, softball, volleyball, lacrosse, and my personal favorite, basketball. Kids 6 years old and younger are now competing in all of these areas, and by the time they reach the fifth grade they are being recruited to play with various “travel teams.” For the most part, I think all of this is good for our young people. I fear, however, that if things don’t change, we may be in for a serious reduction in the opportunities for our kids to participate in competitive sports.

Federal Government Takes Unprecedented Steps to Regulate Self-Driving Vehicles

Federal Government Takes Unprecedented Steps to Regulate Self-Driving Vehicles

In the wake of a few fatal crashes in Florida and China involving Tesla’s Model S sedans, and as Uber goes live in Pittsburgh with self-driving cars, the federal government, in the form of the U.S. Department of Transportation, is poised to issue a barrage of new regulations aimed at the technology companies and automakers involved in autonomous transportation. The unprecedented manner in which these regulations are being promulgated, in advance of the technology being widely deployed, highlights the manner in which autonomous driving technology has rapidly ascended from science fiction to Google "moonshot" project to a crowded marketplace poised to radically transform our society in the coming years. In fact, Lyft cofounder John Zimmer recently issued a long diatribe in which he declared that most of his ride-hailing company's cars would drive themselves in just five years.

Driverless Cars in Pittsburgh

You have probably already seen Uber’s prototype driverless vehicles around town as they are hard to miss with its rooftop sensors and communications equipment. Uber began accepting passengers last week. For now, an Uber employee stays behind the steering wheel to intercede if the car’s self-driving system makes a mistake or encounters a complication. The operators are instructed to loosely grip the steering wheel at all times and must be ready to take over immediately at any time.

How Birthday Money and a Ukulele made A Dream Come True

With all of the political rancor getting worse and worse, I desperately look for uplifting, feel-good headlines in my news feed. Today I actually saw one. It seems that a perky, up-and-coming young star won this year’s America’s Got Talent. You may be asking, so what? Well, for one thing, this newfound talent is only 12 years old. Even more amazing to me is the instrument that she plays--a ukulele. Her name is Grace Vander Wall. Get used to hearing it. I have a hunch she’s going to be around for a long time.

2016: The Presidential Debates to End All Presidential Debates

I can sympathize with anyone who just wants this election to be over. It feels like it has been going on all our lives, and there are still two months to go. But there is one thing I am excited about that hasn’t happened yet – maybe the only really fun we could possibly squeeze out of the rest of this 550-day slog to the 2016 election. That is the upcoming presidential debates – they will be like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

Rancosky v. Washington National Insurance Company - PA Supreme Court to Decide Type of Conduct Necessary to Show Insurance Bad Faith

In order to hold insurance companies accountable for unfair insurance claims practices, in 1990, the Pennsylvania legislature passed 42 Pa.C.S.A. § 8371, otherwise known as Pennsylvania’s “bad faith” statute, which provides:

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