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Easter Has a Different Meaning to Me These Days

I grew up baptized and raised as a Catholic. I attended Catholic Schools and went to Stations of the Cross every Friday during Lent but now that I am older, it all has emd blb.jpg a much deeper meaning to me and I attribute that to understanding the Holy Spirit.

If you want to find out what I am talking about, go see the new movie Son of God to find your Spirit. If you've seen the Passion of Christ you'll know exactly what I mean.

Shocking Statistics About the Dangers of Medical Malpractice

What if I told you that preventable medical errors were the third-leading cause of death in America -- behind only heart disease and cancer? That sobering statistic Geoff Brown headshot.jpgcomes directly from a recent study published by the Journal of Patient Safety, which concludes that "the true number of premature deaths associated with preventable harm to patients was estimated at more than 400,000 per year." Take a moment to allow that statistic to sink in while noting that the study is not discussing just the number of deaths, or the number of deaths from medical errors that could not have been avoided. The study is talking only about preventable medical errors. Said another way, preventable medical errors account for "roughly one-sixth of all deaths that occur in the United States each year."

As dispiriting as those statistics are, perhaps the most troubling aspect of the study was that getting a true grasp on the epidemic levels of malpractice was made difficult by what the author referred to as the "Wall of Silence" in the medical community. As the study stated in the starkest terms: "A recent national survey showed that physicians often refuse to report a serious adverse event to anyone in authority. In the case of cardiologists, the highest nonreporting group of the specialties studied, nearly two-thirds of the respondents admitted that they had recently refused to report at least one serious medical error, of which they had first-hand knowledge, to anyone in authority." Thus, it is reasonable to conclude that not only are medical errors out of control, the fact that so many doctors don't tell the truth about what is going on in our hospitals makes it difficult for us to identify the problems and fix them.

Giving Back to Wheeling, West Virginia

Bordas & Bordas is happy to call the friendly city of Wheeling, West Virginia home. The attorneys and staff of the firm are committed to giving back to the community wheeling flair.jpgthat has given and continues to give so much to us. Below are just a few of the many recent philanthropic sponsorships that Bordas & Bordas is honored to be part of.

Overcoming Obstacles

In life we all encounter obstacles, some of us sooner rather than later, some of us more than others, and some obstacles worse than others. Recently I was hit by abilly.jpg significant obstacle. I tore two tendons and one ligament in my thumb.

I was just finishing up my swimming season. I was so excited. This year I actually had a chance to win regionals. My plan was coming into place until I literally ran into the wall.

A Texas Worker Loses His Life at Belmont County Drilling Site

David Zamora, just 43, died Saturday of crush injuries at a drilling site in Belmont County, Ohio. The Big Foot Pad off Ohio 149 was the location of the incident. The Sheriff indicated this was the first such death in the county, but loss of life at drilling sites has become common regionally, with a Greene County man losing his life in an explosion earlier this year, and multiple explosions and deaths occurring in West Virginia.

Death is Never a Victory

On March 19, 2014, Fred Phelps, founder of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church, passed away at the age of 84. Though his death was not unexpected, due Boardas_0220.jpgto his advanced age and declining health, it still sparked a tremendous response from the American public and media. Unlike deaths of other widely-recognized public figures, Phelps' death was not met with tears or candlelight vigils of remembrance. Many Americans instead expressed feelings that ranged from indifference to delight. Unfortunately, expressions of celebratory emotions in response to Fred Phelps' death are the very best tribute that could be paid to a man who dedicated much of his life to advocating hatred and making active efforts to disturb the peaceful remembrance of deceased American citizens, particularly military servicemen, by staging loud protests at funerals nationwide. Furthermore, not only does applauding the death of Fred Phelps essentially honor his memory and legacy of hatred and disruption, it does nothing to combat hateful actions of the Westboro Baptist Church, or other groups with similar messages, or to help protect and preserve the rights of those citizens the WBC aims to harm and oppress.

Media outlets have been fairly vocal in their responses to celebratory or joyful reactions to Phelps' passing, taking the position that to express delight or to picket or protest the funeral of Fred Phelps (an event which will not even occur) is to give homage to the deceased founder's goals. Interviews with Christian leaders of different branches of Christianity have reminded us that it is directly contrary to Christian values to fight hatred with hatred, and that Christianity calls upon us to love even our enemies. Despite being the group most aggressively targeted by Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church, gay and lesbian rights organizations have also spoken out in opposition to a celebratory reaction to Phelps' passing. Many have been quick to remind Americans that there is an important difference between taking delight in the death of Fred Phelps, or any other WBC member or any other anti-gay activist, and taking delight in the end of the Westboro Baptist Church's hateful messages and actions. Phelps' death does not signify the end of hatred for the WBC or any others who share in the groups' mission or positions. Phelps' death does not guarantee any greater amount of respect or acceptance in the United States. And celebrating Phelps' death does not guarantee progress either.

Out of the Mouths of Babes and the Things They Do

A few months back, my husband and I purchased a white leather sofa set thatThumbnail image for Bordas_0015-thumb-300x375-23054.jpg was absolutely gorgeous and placed it in our formal living room.

After a mere three weeks of admiring these pieces, I noticed red ink smiley faces eloquently drawn on different spots of the larger sofa. As you can imagine, my face must have been as red as the ink!

I immediately went to the source - my 4 year old, Shauney.

She looked downward as she explained she found the red pen and just couldn't help but make these beautiful smiles on the blank slate she had before her and simply couldn't resist.

Thankfully, the ink came out, and now you can hear my 4 year old recite the happenings of that day. "When I have a pen in my hand, I must think - what am I going to do, and use only paper for ink pens, just put it down." Over and over she will repeat this as she tells the story of that Saturday morning.

Is God Punishing Tiger Woods?

With the azaleas in bloom and green jackets on full display, The Masters Golf Tournament gets underway this week in Augusta, Georgia. While most of the Jamie favorite.jpgtraditions of the golf tournament billed as "A Tradition Unlike Any Other" will be gracing our television sets, there will be one notable absence this year --- Tiger Woods.

For the first time since he was in high school some twenty years ago, Woods will not be teeing it up at golf's grandest stage. Instead, he will be at home recovering from back surgery, the latest in a string of setbacks that have occurred since Tiger last won a major tournament in 2008.

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