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Wearing White After Labor Day

Classes are back in session, football season is upon us and soon we will be celebrating the unofficial end of summer with Labor Day. With that comes the question about wearing white. Are you one to follow the old fashioned “rule” of stowing your white apparel after Sept. 4 or do you set your own rules?

Viewing A Mobile Device While Crossing The Street to Become Illegal In One US City

We’re all very familiar with the laws that make it illegal to text and drive, but recently, as I was listening to the news, I heard a story about the city of Honolulu making it illegal for pedestrians view a mobile device while crossing the street. The law goes into effect on Oct. 25.

Keeping Our Kids Safe

With many area schools back in session this week, it is important that we remind ourselves to proceed with caution when driving in or around a school zone. Everyone, adults and children alike, are getting used to a new routine and may not be paying attention as they should.

You Might Want to Reconsider Flip Flops As Your Shoe Of Choice

While many are geared for back-to-school with purchases of oxfords and athletic shoes, the summer-like weather still has some of us reaching for our flip flops. While they’re great to throw on to wear around the pool, to make a quick trip to the grocery store for a gallon of milk or to take the kids to school, long-term wear of summer staple may be damaging your feet if flip flops are your summer go-to style.

Viewing The Solar Eclipse

Whether you’re perusing social media, watching television or are just chatting with friends, I’m sure you’ve seen or heard the hubbub about the upcoming solar eclipse.

Not A Fan Of Arachnids

I was in a meeting last week when, all of a sudden, I felt one of my colleagues who was sitting next to me, pull my hair. She then calmly apologized, but said there was a spider crawling up the side of my head as she crumpled the arachnid in a small piece of paper. Anyone who knows me realizes that, more than anything, I HATE spiders. Had she not handled that situation as she did and merely told me of the situation, there more than likely would have been an unprofessional display in an attempt to remove the spider from my hair.

The Role Automobile Defects Can Play In Injury or Death Following A Crash

Did you know that when someone suffers a serious injury such as paralysis, brain injury, significant burn injury, loss of limb or bodily function or death in an automobile crash, be it a multiple automobile collision or a single vehicle collision, something else may be in play that caused the injuries or death? When you or a loved one has suffered these types of injuries, or a loved died as a result of an automobile collision, and if you believe a case needs to be pursued, you should call our law firm immediately so that we might first secure the vehicle to determine whether or not the vehicle was crashworthy. There may be a number of potential causes for the injuries and/or death, which include a vehicle fire, inappropriate air bag deployment, roof crush, tire failure, seat collapse/ejections, rollover, defective windows or perhaps gas tank failure.

Relieving Stress With Woodworking

Last fall, my husband and I volunteered to make five sets of cornhole boards for each of the firm partners as Christmas gifts from the staff. Previously, we’d made two sets, but I enjoyed the project and that is when I realized that I truly love making things out of wood. I started thinking of a thousand things I would love to try to build. I began small and made my husband a couch stand/tray. Then I made some seasonal decorations, like a snowman, stocking holder, wrapped packages, etc.

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