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My Christmas Story

When I was a child growing up in the 50s my family always got a real tree at Christmas time. Usually about three or four days before Christmas, all of us, dad,ellie2.jpg mom, my brother, Sam, and my two sisters, Annie and Jean and I would climb into the car and my dad would drive us out to the Dairy Queen in Elm Grove, which at the time was located on Route 40 East where the Rite Aid parking lot is now. The Dairy Queen, of course, was closed for the winter, but we weren't there for ice cream. We were there to buy a live cut tree to take home and decorate it for Christmas. For a little kid, that was really exciting and the memory of it warms my heart to this day.

There were a couple of times I remember actually going out in the woods to get our tree. My parents, Clifford and Anna Swallow, were born and raised in Washington County in eastern Ohio near the town of New Matamoras. The landscape there is rolling hills and farmland. Sometime in the early 1940s, as a young married couple eager to find a new way of life instead of farming, they traveled north up the river to the "big city" called Wheeling, West Virginia, where there was an abundance of employment opportunities. Most of my mom and dad's older siblings had already moved to Wheeling. My dad obtained a job at Blaw Knox iron foundry and except for a few years he spent in the U.S. Navy serving our country during World War II, he continued to work there until he retired in the mid-1970s. But no matter how many years they lived in Wheeling, my mom and dad would still refer to the place that they grew up in Washington County, Ohio as "down home."

A Christmas Breakfast Tradition

When you think of Holiday meals, you often think of a big turkey or ham dinner. But what about breakfast? My family has started a tradition of having a big Missy.jpgChristmas breakfast on Christmas morning. It started when my son and twin nephews were very young. My parents would wait, not so patiently, for my brother and myself to pack up the kids and come up there to see them. Breakfast was always the last thing on the kid's minds, so it started out simple with my mom making cinnamon rolls. As the boys got a little older and could wait a little longer to start opening up gifts, a more traditional breakfast was made. As my son Zach grew older, I found myself up pacing in the morning waiting for him to wake up. There were no more surprises so he didn't really have a reason for waking at the crack of dawn. I decided a few years ago while I was up early watching A Christmas Story for the millionth time to make a big batch of sausage gravy and biscuits to take up to my parents for our annual Christmas breakfast. It was a huge hit on our breakfast menu and a tradition that my dad, brother and husband now look forward to every year. A very simple recipe turned into a great Christmas tradition for our family.

Recent Philanthropic Efforts of Bordas & Bordas

Bordas & Bordas is happy to call the friendly city of Wheeling, West Virginia home. The attorneys and staff of the firm are committed to giving back to the community that has given and continues to give so much to us. Below are just a few of the crc.pngmany recent philanthropic sponsorships that Bordas & Bordas is honored to be part of.

The Cancer Research Classic exploits the thrill of basketball and its participants to promote the importance of men's health. The seventh installment of the annual Cancer Research Classic is slated for January 2-4 at Wheeling Jesuit University. Proceeds raised by the event remain in our area and assist in funding undergraduate scholarships for ongoing prostate cancer and men's health research at the Urological Research Institute. Bordas & Bordas happily contributed to the cause again this year.


It's that time of year again. The time to put up the Christmas tree, and decorate Michelle with door.jpg inside and out. The time to shop until you just don't want to shop anymore. . . and  then go home and wrap. More importantly, it's time to bake CHRISTMAS COOKIES! I absolutely love to bake. For me, baking is a form of relaxation. I don't bake as often as I would like because the finished product has to go somewhere and I don't eat sweets often. As a result, I usually only bake at Christmas, for friends' birthdays and if I am hosting or going to a party. Creating an excuse to bake, I started making the dessert of choice for some of my co-workers' birthdays. Jay Stoneking and Jason Causey consistently request cheesecake. Jeremy McGraw is more of a chocolate-chocolate chip cake kind of guy. Zak Zatezalo appreciates whatever I choose to make, but also has a preference for cheesecake. I am a little behind on our birthday celebrations this year - even though Jason put his request in at least a month before the big day. Maybe a plate of Christmas cookies will make up for the delays???

The variety and quantity of cookies I make varies each year based upon the amount of time I have to bake. I always set aside one full day devoted solely to baking, but prefer to have at least two. If everything falls into place this year, I will have the entire weekend before Christmas to bake so I'm looking for some new cookies to try. Each year I have my "must-dos": snowballs, snickerdoodles, chocolate crinkles, peanut blossoms, chocolate chip, lemon bars, congo bars and seven layer cookies. I have my timing down to a point where I can get all of these done in a single day. I have it down to such a science that even the year I was on crutches until just days before Christmas, the must-dos were still made by Christmas Eve. There are a number of other cookies and candies I will make if I have the time including, maple cookies, almond crunchies, thumbprints, cheesecake bars, candy cane cookies, caramel corn and white chocolate candy to name a few. While I love decorated sugar cookies and am told by many that they are some of the easiest cookies to make, they aren't on my list. For some reason, however, mine never seem to turn out to my liking so I have stopped even trying. I like to try at least one "new" recipe each year.

Marshall County Meals on Wheels - Delivering good food and friendship to our community!

The Thanksgiving and Christmas Seasons are among us. This is a wonderful time to reflect on everything we are thankful for and to remember those who are not asjkc.jpg fortunate. As I think about all of my blessings, such as my family and friends, food and shelter, I realize that many people in our community don't have these things that I often take for granted. This reminded me of all the wonderful community services that are available to those who may need help.

I have the privilege of serving on the board of the Marshall County Meals on Wheels, one of the many fantastic programs our community offers to our citizens, so I thought I would share a little about the program and what it provides. The program offers one hot and one cold meal five days a week for a minimal cost. However, cost should not be a deterrent for those needing assistance. There is help available. Currently, the meals are delivered within the city limits of Moundsville, Glen Dale, McMechen and Benwood, and there has been discussion of expanding the area served in the future.

What Will West Virginia's New Republican Legislature Do? Find out on the next Bordas & Bordas Legal Review.

Tune in to this week's episode of the Bordas & Bordas Legal Review wherein Jamie Bordas and Chris Regan discuss the new Republican West Virginia Legislature and what type of agenda it might bring for West Virginia in the coming years. Will West Virginia institute the death penalty? Will action be taken on abortion bans after twenty weeks of pregnancy? Will there be changes to our legal system? Most of all, will any of the changes implemented by the new Republican majority actually benefit ordinary West Virginians? Jamie and Chris discuss it all in an episode you won't want to miss.

Christmas Bloopers!!

This festive time of the year brings to mind wonderful memories of Christmas' past - memories of holiday traditions, cherished moments with loved ones and friends, christmas tree.pngand then you have those memories of events that just make you look back with laughter, those memories that make you realize that no matter how hard we try to make everything perfect in preparation for the holidays, sometimes life just throws us a curve. And, at the time it might not have been funny, but it sure is when you start to remember it. Just writing this put a smile on my face and let me relive some pretty funny moments.

It was always a tradition in our home when the kids were young to set aside that one, special day for putting up the Christmas tree, decorating and baking. The Christmas carols would ring loudly through the house and the kids and I would sing along. Well, we decided to buy a live tree that year as we had always had an artificial one. So, with anticipation and excitement, we went and picked the perfect tree, brought it home and began to set it up. Unfortunately, the tree trunk did not want to cooperate with the tree stand and so my husband worked diligently for quite some time, cutting and sawing. All the while the kids and I waited in anticipation to start placing the lights and pretty bulbs on the tree. The sounds of BE Taylor Christmas were blasting in the background and then, the next thing I know, my husband takes the tree through the living room and throws it off the deck! He had had it...it just wouldn't go in the stand. He was completely frustrated, I started crying and the kids were laughing hysterically. What happened to my perfect day? What about the tradition? After the adults calmed down, we retrieved the tree from the backyard and calmly went back to the task and finally, that tree went in the stand and it was upright!

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens

Brown paper packages tied up with strings

These are a few of my favorite things

Sometimes you come across things or products that change your life. Things you carriesnow.jpgbecome passionate about because they either work so well or add something extra to your daily activities that you can't imagine life without them. When I realized that I hadn't written a blog in a while, I thought that perhaps I should share some of my favorite things...tis the season to appreciate them after all.

A Reminder of the Impact the Smallest Gift Can Make

Every year at Christmas time, churches and other organizations host giving trees and ask us to select someone from the tree and buy them a Christmas gift. Linda Bordas small headshot.jpgEveryone wants the children, but the reality is, if you can't get help for your children at Christmas, you're not really looking. A multitude of organizations gather donations for toys. Nearly every time you make a purchase you're asked to make a donation or purchase a toy for children in need. God bless them each and every one. Isn't Christmas for kids? This year however, I vowed I would select an adult in addition to a child. Yes, like most people I wanted to feel the joy of making a child's Christmas brighter. But I didn't want to forget the forgotten.

The man I selected had been hosted by someone from a homeless shelter. He asked for two things: a pillow and two towels. I knew nothing about him except that he wanted a pillow, maybe for the times he wouldn't be in the shelter and he wanted to be clean. I couldn't bear the thought that he had nothing and would only receive the meager gifts he had requested. Off I went. My list included a battery-operated radio, toiletries and tasty, healthy (and some not so healthy) snacks.

Love Thy Neighbor?

When purchasing or building a home, many people try to choose a neighborhood thatemd blb.jpg they find desirable. Ever hear the term-location, location, location? But what does that mean?

Does that mean a particular amount of acreage between homes? Does that mean a quicker commute to work and more access to shopping areas? I suppose that could mean many different things.

Some people move forward with the purchase of a home strictly on the home itself as long as they believe it is an "acceptable" neighborhood fit for their family's needs.

Consider this-what if you found what you felt was your dream home in a suitable neighborhood and then you were all moved in to come to find out, the neighbors are not so desirable?

This could have a devastating effect on your life.

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