Natural Gas Trucking Accidents in Pittsburgh

Natural gas drilling in rural areas of Pennsylvania has brought increased truck traffic to roads that were never designed for heavy industrial use. The result has been congestion, road damage, and an increased number of natural gas trucking accidents in Pittsburgh.

The law firm of Bordas & Bordas represents people who are injured in 18-wheeler collisions involving the shale gas drilling industry. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case and answer your questions.

Holding Truck Drivers and Their Employers Responsible

In the rush to meet delivery schedules, trucking companies may violate state and federal safety regulations that are designed to protect people in passenger vehicles. When truck drivers and their employers put the lives of innocent people at risk, our dedicated attorneys have the ability to make them pay. We have a long history of obtaining major verdicts and settlements, including punitive damages and awards of attorney fees.

Our meticulous lawyers will conduct a detailed investigation of a natural gas trucking crashes in Pittsburgh to uncover issues such as driver fatigue, drug use by drivers, lack of maintenance, and negligent hiring practices.

Contact Us to Discuss Natural Gas Trucking Collisions in Pittsburgh

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