Understanding Your Mineral Rights in Pittsburgh

Natural gas drilling companies are engaging in a land rush to buy up mineral rights in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania from landowners in the Marcellus shale and Utica shale regions. As a landowner, however, you could end up with more problems and less money than you bargained for if you aren’t properly advised by experienced attorneys before signing any leases.

The dedicated oil, gas, and mineral rights attorneys at Bordas & Bordas help landowners negotiate contracts for Pennsylvania mineral rights with the region’s largest natural gas shale property seekers. If you have been approached by a company offering to buy the mineral rights to your property, contact one of our knowledgeable legal professionals for help with understanding your mineral rights in Pittsburgh.

Know Your Rights Before You Sign

Selling the mineral rights on your property can be an economic boom for farmers who live above gas-rich shale formations in parts of Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, landowners sometimes sign away their valuable mineral rights for far less money than they are worth. By signing the lease, you may also give up rights you never intended to surrender.

For example, the lease may:

  • Allow the drilling company to operate heavy equipment near your home 24 hours a day
  • Prevent you from suing other gas companies drilling on adjacent properties for damage done to your property
  • Allow drilling techniques that result in contamination of your water supply
  • Result in your cherished property becoming a wasteland

These types of rights may be negotiable, but you cannot expect the gas company to tell you this even if the company is required to by law. Many companies have deceptive, confusing, and even unlawful methods of getting people to sign. No one should sign a legal contract without speaking to an experienced attorney to fully understand their mineral rights in Pittsburgh.

Contact a Pittsburgh Attorney for Help Understanding Your Mineral Rights

Have you been offered cash for the right to drill for natural gas on your property? Contact us today to speak with a seasoned attorney about understanding your mineral rights in Pittsburgh.