Bordas & Bordas Welcomes Nominations for 2022 Anti-Bullying Fighting for Justice Award

WHEELING, W.Va. – Bordas & Bordas is pleased to welcome nominations for the 2022 Anti-Bullying Fighting for Justice Award. The award was created in 2014 by Bordas & Bordas founder Jim Bordas and honors senior students in each high school in Ohio, Marshall and Belmont counties. The criteria for students nominated includes treating everyone equally, respecting differences in others, and standing up for those who are targeted by others or are discriminated against. The winners of the award are deemed Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and receive a $500 cash award. “We are proud to honor and reward those who are kind and treat others with respect,” said managing partner Jamie Bordas.  “Throughout the Fighting for Justice Award’s history we have gotten to meet a number of young individuals who have made a difference and we are looking forward to recognizing a new group of seniors this year.” The senior students may be nominated by peers, teachers, coaches or community members. To nominate a senior student from your community visit The award will be presented at the end-of-year award ceremony at each of the recipients’ schools. The deadline for nominations is Friday, April 1.