Volunteering at the Ohio Valley Media Day Blood Drive

Volunteering at the Ohio Valley Media Day Blood Drive

Last week, the American Red Cross held its 34th annual Ohio Valley Media Day Blood Drive at the Wheeling Island Hotel, Casino & Racetrack in the memory of Jim Bordas- my boss, my mentor, and my friend.   Some of the Bordas & Bordas family volunteered at the blood drive.  Our jobs were to give assistance to those who donated blood. We helped them from the table to the refreshment area where we served them water, juice, snacks, pizza and donuts.  It was a great turnout.  While some of us wanted to donate, we were placed on the deferred list due to a chance of low iron. We ended up passing the iron test and were able to donate. Jim’s sons, Jamie and Ben, both donated, so I felt I needed to try.  

While volunteering, I reflected on all of the good things Jim had done for our community and I thought to myself, “Jim, if you can hear me please help us help the American Red Cross today. This is something great that we can do for our community that you loved so dearly.”   He must have heard me because all of us pasted the iron test.  I was extremally happy that I could help that day.

 I had never donated blood before, so it was my first time. All was going well until I was almost done. I looked at the nurse and said, “Am I to feel lightheaded and foggy?” The next thing I knew I broke into a sweat, was told to lay flat and to not close my eyes. There were about six people around and they gave me cold towels for my forehead. I was so embarrassed, but thankfully my co-worker Susan was right there by my side holding a juice box of orange juice and helping me drink until I could get up off the table and over to get something to eat. I can never thank her enough for standing by my side and helping me.  Thank you, Susan.

Yes, I was the only one out of the Bordas & Bordas group of give who had any trouble after they were done donating blood.  I’m still embarrassed, but I am so thankful that I was able to donate in the memory of Jim. 

If you have a chance to help the American Red Cross, go and give the gift of life, your blood. You never know when someone you know, and love might need blood.

Rock on people, rock on.

Jeanne Dedo shares her experience at last week’s Ohio Valley Media Day Blood Drive in Memory of Jim Bordas.