A True Ohio Valley Blessing

A True Ohio Valley Blessing

A True Ohio Valley Blessing

Our local Catholic grade schools are fortunate to have such a kind and caring individual to serve as their nurse. The children of our local Catholic grade schools are the true beneficiaries of precious gold. She's known as Nurse Miss Mary Ann and you can find her stationed at St. Vincent's School. She also travels to the area Catholic grade schools, for review and maintenance of student health records and actively engages in educational services for our children. One thing guaranteed, should you run into her, you will be greeted with a smile.

I happen to have been blessed to be around her for the last 45 years because she is my aunt. On May 17, 2014, Mary Ann was headed to Charleston, West Virginia, with her brother, Michael, to meet up with other family members as they were about to take a vacation trip to Hilton Head. Then it happened! The sounds of screeching, grumbling, and shattering glass struck. WOWKTV posted an article about the accident, describing that it resulted in one person being sent to the hospital.

That person they are talking about that was taken to the hospital was your Nurse Miss Mary Ann and my aunt. Thankfully, we have her with us unscathed, well, compared to at least could have been, from the wreckage. A true miracle right before our eyes. But, this is not the first miracle she has encountered.

In 1996, Mary Ann suddenly lost her husband, Ed, to an unexpected heart attack, leaving her in her forties with her two daughters, Tina and Molly to carry on without him. Not long after, she learned that she had ovarian cancer. Mary Ann Thumbnail image for nurse mary ann.jpgbeat those odds. In December of 2011, she was diagnosed with a meningioma tumor that, ultimately, was successfully removed in Pittsburgh at Allegheny General Hospital. And, now, this obstacle.

Not once has Mary Ann complained or asked why me? Not once has she held onto any anger because of her circumstance. She has accepted these trials with complete grace. She is a true hero and an exemplary role model.

So, this is a dedication and recognition to our Nurse Miss Mary Ann and how grateful we are to be blessed with her presence and guidance in our lives and to be so fortunate as to have her influence among our children.

Thanks for our Ohio Valley blessing, Nurse Miss Mary Ann.