Things to Do on Father’s Day

Things to Do on Father’s Day

Things to Do on Father’s Day

As Father’s Day nears, I was asked by my wife what I wanted to do on the holiday this year. Then it was proposed somebody from Bordas & Bordas write about things to do for Father’s Day. So, I figured I could kill two birds with one stone.

I began to ponder what options were available during this time of the Coronavirus: Red Phase, Yellow Phase and Green Phase. The things “to do” seemed limited with the restrictions placed on us by the current circumstances, as well as my own self-imposed limitations to keep safe distancing. Hoping to get some ideas, I even Googled “things to do in Pittsburgh for Father’s Day during the Coronavirus.” My Google search didn’t bring up much. There was nothing identified for Pittsburgh at all. There were some lists from years past as to what to do for Father’s Day in Pittsburgh. There was a list of things to do with your family during the Coronavirus pandemic, which I also wrote about in a prior blog. However, there was nothing identified as what to do in Pittsburgh on Father’s Day during the Coronavirus pandemic.

I looked at the various options in the lists, though, and some will be available this Father’s Day. Some of the activities looked fun to do alone and/or as an adult. I again began to ponder what I wanted to do and what I should include in the list of options for this blog. I began to realize -- Coronavirus pandemic or not -- I wanted to do the same thing I have done many years in the past: spend time with my family. It doesn’t matter if we can go to a baseball game or not or do the many things we’ve lost during the current pandemic. I simply want to be with my family, with no pressures or obligations to do anything but relax and be with my kids.

So, after I decided what I wanted “to do,” I got back to my wife, Cathy. I explained that all I want is to be waited on hand and foot from the second I get up and until I go to bed, and spend time with my family just relaxing. I told her I don’t want to have any obligations or duties, other than to relax. My wife asked: “How is that different than any other day of the year?” After she stopped laughing at her own joke, and laughing a little too long for my taste, she promised that’s what will happen.

I’ve done lots of fun things for Father’s Day in the past. In fact, last summer my wife, our sons and I went to Baltimore for a weekend. I highly recommended the trip when things open up more. We drove over the Chesapeake Bridge to a Maryland beach for the day, ate at nearby crab shack the first night, stayed at a Baltimore Harbor hotel, walked around the Harbor, visited the National Aquarium, saw a baseball game at Camden Yards and ate at some of the wonderful, fun restaurants in the Harbor. It is a weekend that I -- and I hope my family -- will remember for the rest of our lives.

However, sometimes it’s just nice -- every now and then -- to be waited on hand and foot from the second I get up and until I go to bed, with no obligations other than to relax with my kids. This is true, especially in this crazy time of being a father, if it only happens once a year for some us.

The Google lists of things to do on Father’s Day from a few years ago, though, had a number of fun ideas. The list of Top 10 things to do with your family during the pandemic also had a few interesting things. However, I think what should be on the top of every list of what to do on Father’s Day, with or without the pandemic, is for the dad to get up with no other obligations and just relax and be with his kids.

With that said, however, in order to fulfill my obligations for our firm, here are my list of 10 ideas for Father’s Day activities during the pandemic.

In no particular order:

  1. Bake with your kids
  2. Catch up on some sleep
  3. Get some fresh air
  4. Binge on your favorite shows
  5. Do some arts and crafts with your children
  6. Play some board games
  7. Go to a virtual play or museum
  8. Relax by a pool
  9. Eat your favorite meal, whatever it is
  10. Learn a new language

If this list seems generic and not very thought evoking to you, you are right. The top of the list, and the only thing on your list for this year, should be “to get up with no other obligations to relax and be your kids from the second you get up until when you go to bed.”

That’s what will be making my Father’s Day great.

Happy Father’s Day.