Shop Small for the Holidays

Shop Small for the Holidays

Shop Small for the Holidays

This year has been difficult for so many and especially for our small businesses.  With the holidays approaching, many people have started shopping or will be soon.  So, during this season and all year long, remember to keep in mind your local businesses when shopping for gifts, food or any other services.  Small Business Saturday was on November 27th, but we can show our support for all of our small businesses and celebrate all of the great things they offer all year long.   Here are some reasons to shop your local small businesses:

1.  They offer one-of-a-kind products and services. Often you will find unique items and gifts that you cannot find anywhere else.

2.  They can offer personalized service that big corporations cannot.

3.  It feels great to know that you are helping support real people and their families.  Often times, these are people we know personally and it means a lot to know that we are helping them.

4.  It’s convenient.

5.  Helps create jobs.

6.  Better quality products and services.

7. You are investing in your community.

Remember small businesses could use our help during these difficult times, so remember to shop your local small businesses throughout the shopping season and all year long.  Happy shopping!