National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month. In 1996, the Academy of American Poets celebrated the first National Poetry Month to showcase the gifts and achievements of American poets, as well as the important role that poetry plays in our culture. Many of us think of poetry as something we “had” to read in school. However, as I get older, I realize there is much more to poetry than I thought. It can actually be beneficial to our health, especially our mental health. Poetry can heal, comfort, relieve stress, and provide relaxation. Poetry comes in all shapes and forms. It can be light-hearted, or it can be deep and push us to explore our feelings.  Whatever type of poetry you may prefer, it can be very therapeutic.

My favorite poet is Judy Wood (aka Mom).  She is very talented. Those who know my Mom may not be aware that she loves to write poems for special occasions. Throughout my childhood and today, I have wonderful memories of all the poems my Mom has written for me over the years. I’ve kept them all and will treasure them always. She would write poems for birthdays, anniversaries, special events, and even game days.

In honor of National Poetry Month and my Mom, I thought I would share one of her original poems.

Old Man Winter is put to rest.

He certainly challenged us with his cold winter test.

Spring is upon us, it’s that time of year,

The signs are all around us, so let’s give a big cheer.

Big billowy clouds and a baby blue sky,

And new baby birds learning to fly.

It’s also a given spring brings a few quirks,

Like coughing and sneezing from the pollens that lurk.

After that cold bitter winter we were forced to endure,

The warmth of the sun will be welcome for sure.

I hope everyone finds a moment to read or write a poem in celebration. Happy National Poetry Month, Everyone!