National Greasy Foods Day – And My Birthday

National Greasy Foods Day – And My Birthday

National Greasy Foods Day – And My Birthday

October 25, 2020, is National Greasy Foods Day. Since it’s also my birthday -- and I love greasy food – it is only right to give a shout out to my top five favorite greasy foods on this national holiday.

It’s so hard to pick my favorite greasy food, but, if I had to choose, it would probably be bacon or in other words, meat candy. It’s really not fair something so delicious is bad for me.

Second on my list is pizza, which I can pair with bacon, so… win, win! Plus, the cheesy goodness is so irresistible, particularly when the cheesy goodness is covering bacon!

I thought long and hard about my next choice since there are so many from which to choose. My pick, though, is fried chicken. When it’s sitting alongside mashed potatoes and gravy, it is divine.

Also, along the lines of potatoes, french fries are next. Alone or doused with ketchup or dipped in hot sauce and ranch, I can’t think of any other fast food I enjoy so much. And since I seem to be on a potato kick, let’s not forget fried potatoes fried in, yes, you guessed it, bacon grease. Heaven on a plate!

My last pick is so difficult. I am fighting between cheese and burgers, so, in light of that, I choose cheeseburgers -- a wonderful combo. When I want a cheeseburger, I want one with tomato, pickles, onion, mustard and mayo, preferably from Wendy’s. I adore their food!

So, there you have it – five of my favorite greasy foods. Of course, I don’t eat any of these foods on a regular basis. Even though I love them all, the fat content is way too high and the exercise I would have to do to combat the fat is way too intense for my liking.

I have something I love every couple of weeks or so, though, which is usually pizza with bacon. This way, I get two of my five favorite things, bacon and cheese.

Guess what I’m having for my birthday dinner?