National Crouton Day

National Crouton Day

National Crouton Day

They may be small, but croutons deserve a big day of recognition. That’s right, on May 13th, we celebrate National Crouton Day! This delicious day honors the humble crouton, the tiny topping that adds a burst of flavor and texture to our favorite salads and soups.

Croutons are more than just leftover bread crumbs. Established in 2015, National Crouton Day is a chance to appreciate the versatility of this crunchy companion. From classic croutons seasoned with herbs and spices to gourmet varieties flavored with garlic, parmesan cheese, or even exotic spices, there’s a crouton out there to complement any dish.

The History of the Humble Crouton

The history of croutons stretches back centuries. The word “crouton” is derived from the French word “croĆ»ton,” which simply means “little crust.” Early versions of croutons were likely stale bread that was cubed and toasted to prevent waste.

Today, croutons are a celebrated ingredient, not an afterthought. Bakeries and companies specifically produce croutons for soups and salads, ensuring a consistent crunch and delicious flavor.

How to Celebrate National Crouton Day

Celebrate croutons by making your own at home. Cube some leftover bread, toss with olive oil and your favorite seasonings, and bake until golden brown and crunchy. Pair your croutons with various soups, dips, and salads to discover your favorite pairing. You can also invite some friends and family over to try your crispy creations!

So, on May 13th, don’t forget the croutons! Take a moment to appreciate these delightful little flavor bombs and celebrate National Crouton Day with a delicious crunch!