Medina, Ohio, “Walk with Spirits of the Past”

Medina, Ohio, “Walk with Spirits of the Past”

Medina, Ohio, “Walk with Spirits of the Past”

First, I want to welcome the months that end in “ber.” I love this time of year and, to get ready for the Halloween season, I’m going on our cousins trip this month. We are heading to Medina, Ohio, where they have a “Walk with Spirits of the Past.” We are staying at the Spitzer House Bed and Breakfast, which is supposed to be haunted. My cousin is from that area and knows the town extremely well. She’ll be an excellent tour guide of all things Medina, Ohio.

Since we were little, we both have had the “gut feeling instinct” that things are going to happen, or we’ve seen things we can’t explain. Growing up, it was hard to explain to anyone who doesn’t experience hairs standing up on the back of your neck or goose bumps or shivers running up your spine. They were feelings that just told us something was going to happen.

When we grew up, we didn’t have the luxuries of computers or cell phones. Landlines are what everyone had. We couldn’t call each other and talk because it was long distance, and the cost was way too high (unless it was Sunday when it was always cheaper).

To keep in contact with each other we had to handwrite letters, drop them in the mail and wait until the other one wrote back. That could take what seemed like forever and by the time the other one’s letter came whatever was going on more than likely was over.

We were fortunate, though, that our parents always got together so we did see each other a lot. We would spend our summers together either in Cleveland, Ohio; the Conneaut Lake area; in Pennsylvania or in my hometown of Irwin, Pa., outside of Pittsburgh. The Conneaut Lake area is known to be haunted. Stay one night in the Hotel Conneaut and find out for yourself. When we would get together, we would talk about all things paranormal.

One weekend in September I will be heading up on a Thursday evening after work. (She doesn’t know I’m coming that night.) I’ll be staying in the Spitzer House Bed and Breakfast in Medina for two nights not just one. So, I’ll see if I pick up on anything Thursday. Then we’ll see if we can pick up on anything Friday after the “Walk with Spirits of the Past.” Honestly, when we are together, we have more gut feelings than when we are by ourselves. It will be nice to see the town and hear about the town’s rich history of the past. 

Time will tell if we see or hear anything, which really doesn’t matter to us. All that matters is we have our cousin trip, and we get to spend time together and have some great belly laughs.

So off we go to have some fun with the “Spirits of the Past.” Trust me, I think they will want to stay in the past once they get to see the two of us in action!!

So, here’s to our cousin trip! I can’t wait to spend time together – spirits or no spirits!! 

Bordas & Bordas blog readers, I’ll share with you any experience I may have at the Spitzer House Bed and Breakfast or on the “Walk with Spirits of the Past.”