A Leap Of Faith, Part Deux

A Leap Of Faith, Part Deux

A Leap Of Faith, Part Deux

Last Saturday, I stood on top of a building, I thought of my children. I thought about my friends. I thought about my life. And, with one deep breath, I stepped off the ledge.

This wasn't a suicidal mission. This was for charity and to help the women of the YWCA of Wheeling. The "Over the Edge" program consisted of individuals raising money to rappel over the Stone Center in Wheeling to support the YWCA and its purpose.

More than 40 individuals went over, myself being one, and through our efforts helped to raise nearly $47,000 for an organization whose mission is to empower and help women and children right here in our community. City Officials, Fire fighters, members of the Police Department, Attorneys, Realtors, Community Members, Grandmothers, Athletes, Non-Athletes, and even a pro sports Mascot fearlessly made the walk down the side of the building.

Eight stories and 126 feet doesn't sound like much until you are staring down at OTE.jpg the sidewalk below and straight up to the clear blue sky above you. Have I  mentioned that I'm afraid of heights? Did I also mention that I lost my footing on the first step and kind of swung there suspended for a few moments before I got my footing? Did I mention that the adrenaline rush supercedes every fear and the cause I was helping was worth even more than that?

As with most things in life, the first step was the hardest. And, like other life metaphors, the way down was easier once I made the commitment to just do it.

This was the first year for the "Over the Edge" program and I can assure you that next year I will take the same journey along with many others who have already Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 9 21 41 AM.png made the commitment. In the meantime, I consider myself lucky. Lucky to have never needed the services provided by the YWCA. Lucky that my professional path put me on track to meet and join up with so many amazing people that make the YWCA a successful organization for local women and children in need. Lucky that I am physically able to take on such challenges such as rappelling down a building for a good cause. Lucky that I got to be involved in such an amazing day.

For more information about the YWCA, to volunteer or get involved in some of their many programs, contact them at 304.232.0511 or visit their website.