Las Vegas Trip with Good Friends

Las Vegas Trip with Good Friends

Las Vegas Trip with Good Friends

In March of this year, I went on an impressive Vegas trip with a group of girls I’ve known through the world of law for an exceptionally long time. I’ve known one of them since our children were in high school at Wheeling Park.

There were five of us and we went from Monday to Friday. (None of us wanted to be out there over the weekend. When we started to plan the trip, we took into consideration what everyone wanted to do.)

Well, we had our trip planned and paid in full months ahead of time. That was the best thing we could have done. Everything was in place for the flight, parking, hotel, shows and Grand Canyon trip. We did and saw so many things in the brief time we stayed in Vegas. Not everyone had to do the same thing. Some of us went to the Luke Bryan Show one night. Others went on a day bus trip to the Grand Canyon. We all saw the shows called “Awakening” and “LOVE.” We all rode the High Roller. (The shows were wonderful.) Every night we had something to do and during the day we walked, took pictures, went from lobby to lobby and took public transportation around Vegas. We all had over 15 to 16 thousand steps each day – and that was while riding public transportation.

Old Vegas was unbelievable. We went into the older casinos to see the lobbies. Some of us found a little bar to sit at on the Old Vegas strip to people watch. We saw and heard many things that blew our minds.

Crossing the streets in Vegas was stressful — to say the least. When the group leader said we could cross, we looked and – with no crosswalk in sight — we did what we were told and crossed what seemed like 10 lanes of traffic holding on to each other for dear life. Cars were honking and zooming by and yelling at us. One of our sweet friends yelled, “We’re just people; we’re human!” I took this statement to mean we are the people who make many mistakes in a day. LOL

Eating out with the girls was fun. We had some amazing meals in Vegas. Whoever played the slots won a little or came out even. No one hit for big money or lost big.

It was a fantastic first trip and I’m so looking forward to doing many more trips with these ladies. Oh, and for the one who is afraid to fly, we’ll try to do a driving trip next time so you can have as much fun as we all did in Las Vegas.

Big thank you to these ladies and on to the next trip!!!