International Cat Day

International Cat Day

Despite being one of the most popular pets, cats are often overlooked compared to their canine counterparts. When thinking about man’s best friend, images of beagles and labradors appear, but cats are making a bid for the title of man’s best friend.

There’s an idea that you must pick between being a cat person or a dog person, but there are more similarities between both pets than people give them credit for! Just like dogs, cats provide great health benefits like stress relief and ease of loneliness. At the end of the day, they just want love and affection from their owners.

Cats can be easier to take care of for first-time pet owners or people who can’t care for a more active canine. They don’t require daily walks, but they do love a healthy dose of playtime. Despite being more lowkey than a man’s other best friend, some breeds carry quite a high-maintenance reputation.

Celebrating international cat day can be difficult for cat owners and non-cat owners alike. If you own a cat, spending some extra time with them with a new toy or spoiling them with their favorite treat can be a perfect way to observe the day. For non-cat owners, it is as simple as donating to a shelter or charity, volunteering, or spoiling a family member’s cat!

How will you celebrate International Cat Day?