The Importance of a Good Coaching Staff and Supportive Parents

The Importance of a Good Coaching Staff and Supportive Parents

My grandson’s baseball team just won its championship game.

Ok, so the players are only 8 years old, and the coach still pitches, but it was a REALLY big victory for them. They started out last year picking flowers in the outfield, watching butterflies, seeing how dirty they could get without actually making a play, etc. However, with a GREAT coaching staff, they started getting interested in the game and wanting to do their best to make the coaches proud.

The coaching staff, combined with a really good, supportive group of parents, made this baseball season awesome for the players and their families. I couldn’t have asked for a better team experience for my grandson.

Many of the boys were very upset they wouldn’t be able to play baseball as a team again because some of the players will be moving up to the next age group. This is the kind of experience we all wish for our children/grandchildren to have, and I am truly grateful we were able to experience this and make some good friends along the way.

I realize winning isn’t everything, but when you are able to have a coaching staff that not only wants the kids to win but also learn the game while having fun, you are blessed.