Easter Fun Facts

Easter Fun Facts

Over the years, I’ve been told some fun facts about Easter that perhaps you don’t know and I would like to share.

- Did you know that the tallest chocolate Easter egg ever made stood almost 40 feet? I sure do wish I would have been there to see that.

- Giving of eggs is considered a symbol of rebirth.  Seems fitting for what we are truly celebrating.

- Statistics say that Americans buy more than 700 million marshmallow Peeps during Easter.  I don’t even like marshmallows, but they are cuties.

- We consume more than 16 million jelly beans during the Easter holiday.  I can’t imagine fitting all those into a jar.

- The idea of the Easter bunny giving candies and eggs is said to have originated in the middle ages, but I don’t know of anyone who truly believe that an oversized rabbit hops around homes hiding baskets. That one we never even tried to pull off in our house.

- And did you know that the bunny originated in Germany?  I guess that makes sense since Germany is known for its decadent chocolates.

Whatever your Easter traditions are, share some of the fun facts with family and friends.  It can make for good conversation wherever you may be.

Have a Happy Easter Everyone!

Over the years, I�ve been told some fun facts about Easter that perhaps you don�t know and I would like to share.