Easter Egg Decorating Ideas 

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas 

As Easter approaches, my family will of course continue the tradition of coloring eggs.

About this time last year, my fiancé and I decided to purchase some chickens and raise them. We built a large coop that houses approximately thirty different chickens from different breeds. Needless to say, we have a lot of brown eggs that we sell at local stores as well as the public.

Of course, since it is that time of year, I have researched different types of ways to color brown eggs. Pinterest has given me many types of options from using the regular vinegar and food coloring method to using shaving cream to disburse color onto our eggs.

I guess I never realized how creative a person can get with decorating a simple egg and how beautiful they turn out by using different techniques such as painting, air brushing, glittering and even using hodgepodge to “clothe” our eggs with yarn, newspaper…just about anything!

Now that I have been introduced the endless possibilities of egg decorating, maybe I will be able to figure out where I am going to find the time to try out great ideas.

Today's blog: Easter is this weekend - and with that, comes egg decorating! Many families partake in this tradition - Tammy tells on the blog about the endless possibilities that come with decorating an egg beyond just a simple paint job!