Discussing Politics is Taboo with Me

Discussing Politics is Taboo with Me

Discussing Politics is Taboo with Me

I make an effort to stay away from the discussion of politics with anyone outside of my own home. I have my opinions and I have strong feelings, but I find it somewhat disturbing and almost comical how passionate political conversations can often turn in to an argument, and rather quickly.

For this very reason, I shy away from those conversations.  In my mind, it becomes counterproductive because it separates people rather than unitING people, which is what we should be able to do maturely in the UNITED STATES.  Rather than intelligently discussing the pros and cons of the candidates, people tend to shut down after they have stated their thoughts and are not always open to listening to anyone else.  No one said you have to agree, but mutual respect for opinions and feelings should be adhered to.

I will, however, give you my take on the importance of being proactive and voting for the candidate of your choice.

Make a decision by keeping in mind that we are building a future for our children and their children.  Choose the leader that you feel will best bring change to the table for a greater United States of America for years to come.

This is your chance to be heard.  Your candidate may or may not be elected into office, but if you do not take a position for your voice to be heard through our election process then don’t complain about what is or isn’t being accomplished in our government.

Take the time to make a decision based on your very own observations.  Educate yourself to be confident in your choice.  Use the right that you were given in this great country of ours and vote.  If you have not yet registered, you still have time, but that deadline is soon approaching.  Your opinion matters.  Your voice can be heard.  Help make a positive change to impact the lives and futures of so many who are counting on us to fight for the candidate we believe can do that job.