After Decades of Being a Mom

After Decades of Being a Mom

After Decades of Being a Mom

I first became a Mom in 1988 at the young age of just 19 years old.  Mom is the title I earned and will hold forever to four human beings that I have loved unconditionally for decades now.

As you can imagine, having such a title to four people, in addition to all of the love and life experiences that we’ve shared so much joy in over the years, I have also seen, heard, and refereed quite a few spats during this time.  Some of these disputes have been tough and some, just downright ridiculous.  Others have left me laughing all day.

Currently, there are only two of my children still living at home.  The first is an adult aged, young woman and the other a pre-teen girl.  I couldn’t understand why my older daughter sent me a text message asking the question, “I don’t suppose this was you? LOL.” Then, appeared a photo of a note on her bed that read, “Use your own bathroom! Your such a scary cat.- Mom”

In fact, I did not send the note and yes, it did say Mom. 

Everyone in our home has his or her own bathroom.  It seems like one of those ridiculous, baseless disagreements.  However, being the “Mom,” I did my due diligence.

I approached my pre-teen and asked if she left the note and signed my name?  She fessed up immediately.  Yes, she certainly had. She was fed up and claimed the note was intended to take care of the matter without bothering me because she felt our 20-year-old was out of control.  My next inquiry—why?  My youngest daughter explained that her older sister had a centipede in her bathroom and no one was there to kill it for her so she took over her little sister’s bathroom and it was time to grow up.  This then caused a domino effect in the rush to get out the door because EVERYONE knows they don’t use my bathroom.

In order to keep the peace, I armed myself with a loaded arsenal of paper towels.  I hunted this invader down and I did it – I killed that centipede.  Use of weaponry—hairspray, then I plucked that bug right up and flushed it down the toilet.  Once again, I am a hero to some.  My title has been redeemed, my work is never done.  To those four, no matter how old, how far away or what time of day, I will always hold the title of “Mom.”  Keep me smiling kiddos.