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In the heavily industrialized Ohio Valley, issues of toxic exposure and pollution are prevalent. When industrial plants, public utilities and other corporate operations expose citizens to toxic substances without their knowledge or unlawfully, injuries and death and the fear of contracting dangerous diseases such as cancer come to the fore.

In 2008, Bordas & Bordas' five-year representation of more than 150 residents of the Proctor, West Virginia, area ended when the Robinson v. Columbian Chemicals litigation was confidentially settled with the insurers and corporate entities behind a heavily polluting carbon black plant in Proctor. Bordas & Bordas continues to prosecute a diverse array of cases involving toxic chemical exposure.

Previously, Jim and Linda Bordas had represented Dale and Mildred Riggle in a case against Allied Chemical Corp. The case was tried in Wetzel County, West Virginia, and resulted in a $500,000 verdict in favor of the Riggles. Dale suffered respiratory problems as a result of being exposed to TDI that was negligently splashed on him by a third party during a construction project at the Allied site. Because of the conduct of the insurance carrier, a bad faith case was also filed and resulted in a significant recovery in addition to the $500,000 verdict.

In the Stillwell case, a teenager was killed as a result of making contact with wires that had been exposed in the area of the city amphitheater by inappropriate construction and maintenance. This resulted in a $3,400,000 settlement on behalf of the family.

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Have You Been Exposed to a Toxic Chemical?

Our clients come from all walks of life. Many have been exposed to toxic chemicals in workplaces such as factories, processing plants and mines. Others have been exposed at home. Regardless, the risks posed by toxic exposure are serious.

Toxic exposure can lead to deadly diseases such as lung cancer, leukemia, lymphoma and mesothelioma. Our attorneys have the skill and resources to handle complex toxic tort cases involving serious illness and wrongful death. We are dedicated to helping our clients obtain full and fair compensation for the losses they have suffered.

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