Taken Over by the Bitmoji

So many teenagers are swallowed up by social media. For some it’s such an addiction that they have a hard time functioning without their devices and apps.

Honestly, I have never been too eager to get involved in the whole social media phenomenon. Being really honest, who in the world has the time?  To my surprise, there are quite a few adults who have jumped on the social media train.

Social media can be a great way to keep in touch with family, friends and businesses in our fast-paced world, but does everyone in the public have to know your personal business?  With that said, I think there is just as much fabrications and negativity that can come from it as the good and you must be careful. I choose just stay away from it all.  My business is my business and if I need input, I will ask a person for it directly.

HOWEVER – my teenage daughter Aleigha recently created Bitmoji people for my husband and me.  If you do not know what a Bitmoji is, you will have even more fun once you decide to try it.  A Bitmoji is a little replica (almost caricature) of yourself that you can attach multiple expressions and phrases to.  You can change your clothes and hairstyles and search a phrase for exactly what you want to say.  Our text messaging now consists primarily of pictures rather than words, and a lot more laughter, I must admit.  I am finding that more and more of my middle-aged friends (40s) are having a blast with this app.

My phone is now filled with my Bitmoji friends.  This is all done on our own private devices for sharing fun and laughter with each other.  Who doesn’t need some of that?

If you’ve not created your own Bitmoji, I encourage you to do so.  This app is a way of expressing your true feelings rather than a straight forward boring text that sometimes makes it hard to decipher one’s true thoughts on a matter.  With a Bitmoji, you can show a person exactly what you intend to come across.  Have some fun and give it a try.

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