Relieving Stress With Woodworking

Last fall, my husband and I volunteered to make five sets of cornhole boards for each of the firm partners as Christmas gifts from the staff. Previously, we’d made two sets, but I enjoyed the project and that is when I realized that I truly love making things out of wood. I started thinking of a thousand things I would love to try to build. I began small and made my husband a couch stand/tray.  Then I made some seasonal decorations, like a snowman, stocking holder, wrapped packages, etc.

At this point, because one of my nieces was pregnant, I decided to go full force and build a pendulum swinging cradle.  I found a relatively easy pattern online and began.  Patterns are great for this type of project because all the specifics are laid out – which is important for the safety of a baby.   Most of the time, however, I prefer using my imagination and creating my own personalized wood projects. For instance, my husband and I built a porch on the front of our home this summer so I made a swing bed, coffee table, chairs and a murphy bar.

I have always had shop tools, but nothing too elaborate.  Screw drivers, a hand sander, a jig saw, wrenches and hammers.  But because I love woodworking so much my husband provided me with a good start to my woodworking hobby at Christmas with a table saw and a scroll saw.  And then there’s my favorite tool, the switch driver!!!  This tool is by far, in my opinion, the best invention created in the tool world!  Look it up…it’s made by Worx Tools

I could literally spend every evening and weekend in my garage creating and coming up with something new to make.  Woodworking relieves my mind of stress and relaxes me.  It has become a favorite pastime for me.  

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