Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Attorneys

Bordas & Bordas has had a particular focus on cases involving mistreatment and malpractice toward our most vulnerable citizens in nursing homes. Bordas & Bordas obtained a landmark $50 million verdict in Meredith v. Health Care Retirement Corp. of America , which remains one of the largest wrongful death verdicts, if not the largest, ever returned in the state of West Virginia.

Bordas & Bordas has also obtained other substantial verdicts and seven-figure settlements in cases of egregious nursing home malpractice or abuse. Cases such as Medina v. Heartland of Clarksburg; Trout v. Brightwood Property Inc.; McCracken v. Cameron Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, L.L.C.; and Thakur v. HCR Manor Care are all examples of Bordas & Bordas' aggressive pursuit of large corporate owners of nursing homes that provide inadequate care for their patients, with tragic results.

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Protecting Our Elderly Loved Ones

How does nursing home neglect occur? In many cases, injuries are the result of understaffing and inadequately trained employees. When nursing homes try to cut corners by not hiring enough qualified staff members, there are simply not enough workers to monitor residents. Because many residents require constant care and supervision, it is easy to see how understaffing can lead to serious injury and even wrongful death.

Nursing home neglect can take many forms. Common examples of injuries in nursing homes include:

We understand how hard it is to learn that your loved one has suffered in this manner. We will do everything we can to pursue justice and compensation for your loved one and to ensure others are protected from these harmful practices.

Our Nursing Home Negligence Attorneys

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