Looking Forward to Warm Weather

I am sure I can speak for thousands of other folks in our region when I say I cannot wait for spring! While our winter has not been nearly as harsh as we were expecting, I am tired of the cold and dreary days and I am ready for the warm sunshine and flip flops. It is the little things about the warm weather I find myself missing the most. I am certainly looking forward to shutting off the heat and opening all the windows to let the fresh air flow through our house. I often enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea on my front porch on a nice sunny morning. I also enjoying being outside with my daughter while she plays with her various outdoor activities. Even our fur babies are looking forward to the warmer weather to be able to start going on long walks again.

In the summer I spend a lot of time at the pool with my family. We enjoy big family cook outs as well. We usually plan one or two trips in the spring and summer to visit family and friends that live in Vermont and Kentucky. Having nice weather for traveling certainly takes a lot of stress off the drive itself. I am also hoping my family can enjoy the finer things about nature this summer and spend some time camping. As a child, my family and I went camping every weekend between the states of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Every weekend was a different campground and we would often go with my parents’ friends and their children. We would cook on the open campfire, make new friends with other kids from the campgrounds and hit the playground or the pool. My sister and I would cook s’mores after dinner on the fire. I think one of my favorite childhood memories of camping was when my dad taught me how to fish in a little creek that flowed behind our campsite and I caught my very first fish. I look forward to making memories with my daughter like I have with my family growing up.

So, while we are still experiencing the dreaded winter weather I find comfort in thinking about and planning for the activities and trips coming up in the spring and summer months.

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