Coal Mine Safety Takes Center Stage on the Bordas & Bordas Legal Review

In light of the tragic deaths of four coal miners over the last two weeks, and six WV coal safety.jpgsince November, the Bordas & Bordas Legal Review turned its focus for a full half hour program on coal mine safety this week. Jamie Bordas and Chris Regan discussed the recent incidents, the Governor's reaction, recent legal developments in workplace safety law and other key information coal mine safety. The program is available on WLUTV starting today and will air at the regularly scheduled times for the next two weeks. For a schedule of times, click this link WLUTV schedule. For those who do not receive Comcast Channel 14, the channel is streamed live over the web at all times. By Tuesday, the 26th of February, the show should be available in the WLUTV Vimeo archives.

Coal mine safety is obviously an issue that should be important, not only when incidents and disasters happen, but year-round for all West Virginians and citizens of other coal mining states, until the unacceptable rate of these tragedies is brought down. Bordas and Bordas commends this subject to the attention of the Bordas & Bordas Legal Review audience, the readers of this blog and any other interested individuals, so that the focus stays on these preventable coal mine deaths until they are eradicated.

Additionally, you can read Chris Regan's essay regarding the Bragg v. United States decision regarding coal mine inspector liability as well as previous blogs on coal mine safety. Click on the following links for those coal mine safety articles: Upper Big Branch Official Sentenced the Same Day New Safety Rules are Adopted; New Government Report Recalls Buffalo Creek Tragedy; West Virginia Leads in Coal Mine Deaths in 2012; Massey Energy Co. Under Fire for Safety Violations, Mining Accidents; Coal Mine Safety Bill Will Pass, But is it Enough?; and More Mining Tragedies in West Virginia.

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