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Holiday Shopping and Friendliness

Holiday Shopping and Friendliness

I was recently on my way home from the firm’s Pittsburgh office when I got stuck in traffic for over an hour and still hadn’t made it to I-70. I was very frustrated and once we started to move I decided to stop by the Tanger Outlets to relieve some stress I had from all the traffic. I parked toward the end of the parking lot so I could walk off the stress from the car ride. I was looking for shoes, so I went into a few stores to browse. I went into a few other stores to see if they had anything on sale. I also wanted to check out one of newer stores that had just opened.

What You Need To Know About Your Tires

Did you know you can determine when a tire was made? Along with the size of the tire being displayed on the side of the tire itself, the week and year the tire was made is also displayed on the side of the tire. This is a very important piece of information. It is recommended that you should not buy a tire that was “made” more than six years ago. You may think you are purchasing new tires for your vehicle, but you need to check the “made” date on those new tires as they might not be as new as you think.

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

Remember the days when the hours just dragged by, waiting for the school bell to ring, waiting for your mom to get home from the grocery store, waiting for Christmas??? Well, I’ve discovered something remarkable!! As you age, time goes by much quicker. You come home from summer vacation and BAM! It’s Halloween. You wake up and it’s the Christmas season! Poor Thanksgiving, the forgotten holiday.

Useful Information To Have When Contacting An Attorney For An Initial Consultation

When something happens that causes you to think “I may need to speak to an attorney about this situation,” you may be confused, scared, worried, or distracted. You may be uncertain what to expect during that first phone with an attorney to discuss your potential case, and you might wonder why the attorney is asking you so many questions, when you are the one calling seeking advice. Here are some tips about information you can have ready that will help the attorney to evaluate your potential case and determine whether they can take your case.

Self-Driving Cars And Traditional Auto Accident Litigation

It is already being reported that introducing the current, imperfect, models of self-driving cars into the general population would ultimately save human lives. Indeed, current studies show that if self-driving cars, or autonomous vehicles ("AV"), can operate even just 10 percent better than the average human driver, it will save 3,000 human lives per year. Further, AV technology actually includes the ability for each car to learn from another's mistakes; that is, with each wreck that an AV is involved in, all other AVs in the area would learn and improve. AVs literally learn from each other’s mistakes - lending even more momentum to the argument that they should be introduced into the general public sooner rather than later.

Christmas Fever

Christmas Fever

I love everything about the holiday season. The smell of fresh baked cookies, ugly sweaters, wearing vanilla bean fragrance, the decorations and just the overall yuletide cheer that is present during this time of year. On a recent trip to the store, I was overwhelmed by the amount of Christmas items already available for purchase.

Tips For Safe Hunting

In a week, my favorite time of the year will be here. Deer season begins in West Virginia on Monday, Nov. 20. All over the state, hunters of all genders and ages are feeling like young children in the days before Christmas. Fathers look forward to that first hunt with their young children, and 20 years later those same young children are excited about spending one more year with the old man. For many of us, especially those of us who are over 50, each year deer season becomes less about actually bagging a buck, and more about getting together with our closest friends to share some beers, smoke some cigars and laugh until our sides hurt. It’s a time when those who are no longer young are given the luxury to act as if we are.

Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship versus Tenants in Common

When preparing deeds for clients, I often get asked what is the difference between Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship and Tenants in Common? Both are common ways to hold title to real property and both are types of shared ownership. However, there are differences, as well, between the two. One of the main differences is what happens to the property when one of the owners dies.

Recent Developments in Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Litigation Are a Setback for Plaintiffs

For any newshounds following the talcum powder/ovarian cancer litigation against Johnson & Johnson, you have probably seen the headline-making verdicts that have been rendered against Johnson & Johnson, over and over, throughout the country during the last two years. The verdicts have been in the tens and hundreds of millions of dollars, with each verdict seemingly larger than the last. The primary driver of these large verdicts stems from Johnson & Johnson ignoring the research that shows that exposure to talcum powder can cause ovarian cancer in women who regularly use it. Despite Johnson & Johnson’s decades-long knowledge of this causal link, J&J continued to promote its talcum powder products as perfectly safe for daily use.

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