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Things To Consider When Someone Is Seriously Injured As A Result Of An ATV Crash

I’ve recently talked to a family whose son was severely injured in an ATV accident on a country road. The question is, it lawful for an ATV rider to operate an ATV on a public highway? The answer is yes, under certain circumstances. The next question becomes, are there any avenues of recovery for a person who is injured as a result of wrecking an ATV? Again, the answer is yes. It really depends on what happened.

The Certificate of Merit Is The First Step Toward Filing A Medical Malpractice Case

In West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania, a victim of medical malpractice cannot sue a doctor or hospital in most cases without first obtaining a Screening Certificate of Merit, sometimes called an Affidavit of Merit. A malpractice victim who does not obtain a Certificate of Merit runs a very high risk of having their complaint dismissed in a way that could eventually prevent the victim from moving forward with the case. So, what is a Certificate of Merit?

A Gift From Florida

Days ago, people turned to their TVs, social media, radio, etc. to follow the path of destruction hurricane Irma was leaving behind and our thoughts and prayers were with the people of Florida. As the saying goes, there is hope that something good always comes out of something bad and the people I have met over the last few days are survivors and will manage to overcome this tragedy.

Kindness Matters

“The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world” –Paul Farmer

What You Need To Know About Changes to West Virginia Law on Nursing Home Cases

For many of us, the day will come when we or our loved ones are required to spend time in a nursing home or assisted living facility, either for rehabilitation from an injury, to recover from a serious illness or because we get to a point where we can no longer take complete care of ourselves. While that is a sobering enough thought in and of itself, unfortunately being housed in such a facility can sometimes cause additional anguish and distress if a loved one is neglected and suffers further injury or even death as a result. While I hope that no one ever finds themselves facing such a situation, should that day come, it is important to understand the recent changes to West Virginia law, enacted during this past legislative session, that place new and significant restrictions on a family’s ability to seek justice for injury to or loss of a loved one.

Breaking Fashion Rules

Labor Day has come and gone and, like every year, I missed the mark and I did not take full advantage of wearing white during the summer months. The age-old fashion rule suggests to not wear white after Labor Day, but why? Seeking answers, I turned to the thing all millennials turn to which is Google.

Tips for Potential Clients

As an attorney, I often talk to potential clients regarding a variety of issues. Regardless of what the issue may be, a potential client can do a number of things in preparation for a successful first meeting or phone call with an attorney. The following are just some of the tips that I have found to be most helpful:

The Importance Of Consulting A Lawyer When Approached About A Natural Gas Lease

Since the early 2000s, landowners in the greater Ohio Valley have been getting approached by landmen with proposals to lease the oil and gas rights underlying their properties. Frequently, these offers are presented in a way that’s intended to create a sense of urgency and facilitate the impression that a decision must be made immediately. When pressed, landowners typically overlook the fine print of a lease offer and simply asset to its terms in order to get some “free money” for a property interest they otherwise could not have utilized. Oil and gas landmen prey on this perceived weakness in bargaining power in order to execute leases which convey maximum rights to the gas company for minimal cost. However, most people do not realize that they are situated in a position of strength with negotiating an oil and gas lease, and that gas companies often include broad terms within their standard form leases that are not essential to consummating a deal from their perspective.

Be Safe Use Uber

As a personal injury law firm, we have seen firsthand what happens when individuals decide to drink and drive. More recently, we have also seen an increase in the number of accidents caused by “drugged drivers” (individuals who are driving while under the influence of drugs). The outcomes are the same: accidents that could have been avoided had the individual decided not to drive while impaired.

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