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Devices and Medications May Present Dangers

Devices and Medications May Present Dangers

We are all supposed to benefit from America’s medical system and medical research. However, in the drive to make maximum profits, the manufacturers of medical devices and pharmaceutical companies often put Americans in unnecessary danger. The background reason this happens is perfectly clear. Health care adds up to one-sixth of the U.S. economy. Blockbuster drugs and new medical devices can bring these companies hundreds of millions, if not billions, in profit. But when good judgment is not used in the pursuit of these profits, the result can be death and disfigurement for innocent Americans.

Class of 1972

Class reunions – some folks like them, but a lot of people don’t. Personally, I really enjoy them and look forward to seeing old friends and classmates, reliving old adventures, retelling stories and remembering past flames.

When Your Vehicle May Also Be To Blame for a Motor Vehicle Accident

Most of you reading this article are aware that there are thousands of automobile crashes every single day in this country, sometimes resulting in very serious injuries or even death. What you may not know is that often times the cause of the injury and/or death may be a defective product connected to the motor vehicle in question. Unfortunately, it’s easy for injured individuals and the surviving family members to overlook these cases that attorneys call product liability cases, particularly when the focus is on the at-fault driver during the initial case consideration. It is almost as frequent for attorneys who do not typically undertake product liability cases to overlook the type of vehicle defects that sometimes cause the more serious injuries and death as the people suffering the injuries.

The Sneaky Aspects of Technology are Quietly Transforming the Law and Your Privacy

For someone who came of age in an era of no internet or connected tech. I have, like most others I think, quickly and completely embraced the tech era of cell phones, Echo speakers, smart TVs and other connected devices. The time saving and information benefits offered by these devices are simply too enticing to ignore, and once you start to experience them, there really is no going back. Not to mention the increasing need for them simply to participate in our daily activities.

Diseases Caused by Asbestos

This blog is directed to those men and women who have worked around products containing asbestos and who were exposed to the various diseases that are caused by that exposure, as well as the families of those workers who may have contracted asbestos-related diseases as a result of having been around their loved ones as they brought these asbestos particles home from work. The majority of the people who suffer from asbestos-related diseases, such as mesothelioma, are in the trades and labors.

Focus On The Good

“In the depths of disappointment, what is really missing is…GRATITUDE.” (Brendon Burchard)

How About Some Hockey?

The bouts of warmer temperatures we’ve had this winter, no doubt, have us thinking about spring. It’s always exciting when the Pittsburgh Pirates head to Florida for spring training because baseball season is just around the corner, but until then, have you ever considered going to a hockey game?

Looking Forward to Warm Weather

I am sure I can speak for thousands of other folks in our region when I say I cannot wait for spring! While our winter has not been nearly as harsh as we were expecting, I am tired of the cold and dreary days and I am ready for the warm sunshine and flip flops. It is the little things about the warm weather I find myself missing the most. I am certainly looking forward to shutting off the heat and opening all the windows to let the fresh air flow through our house. I often enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea on my front porch on a nice sunny morning. I also enjoying being outside with my daughter while she plays with her various outdoor activities. Even our fur babies are looking forward to the warmer weather to be able to start going on long walks again.

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